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Types of SEO

November 20, 2019

Search Engine Optimization is divided into the following three types i.e. White Hate SEO: White hate SEO follows the rule and regulation of the search engine. In white hate SEO the optimization is done without fooling users. White hate SEO are ethical and for log time. Black Hate SEO: Black hate SEO are totally opposite to white hate SEO. This technique does not follow the rule and principal of search engine. In this technique the keywords are duplicated or unrelated in different tags like Meta tags. The clocking and unwanted re directions are used in this technique. Gray Hate SEO: Gray hate SEO is in the middle of black hate and white hate SEO. This technique is legal today but may be illegal in future. In this technique, fake content is added to the website or blog. Purchasing of expire and old domain, posting such news which are unauthenticated and redesigning the content of the web site are also called gray hate SEO.

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